Bring your story to life

Showreel Claire Obscuur

Stories are all around us.
And one image can tell more than a thousand words,
but sometimes you just need motion to literally bring your ideas to life.

Claire Obscuur's extensive production background is your ticket to engaging, professional-quality videos that get results. From conservation and environmental related short documentaries or educational videos, to corporate and commercial promos, Claire Obscuur will get the message across.

Whether you have an idea, or want to tell your story visually Claire Obscuur will work hand in hand with you from day one to develop a script, prepare for production, shoot and edit till you are 100% satisfied.

Reality bites

Reality can be so much more powerful than fiction. Putting some issues on the table and creating awareness often works a lot better if it's real and gets audiences more engaged.

Claire Obscuur has produced many short documentaries about conservation and environment. Because it's such an important issue, and because it's just an awesome, rewarding job.

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Set the right tone

The key to an effective corporate promo is striking a balance between information, emotion and the “wow” factor.

Claire Obscuur knows how to deliver powerful messages and visuals, without overselling (or underselling) your company, and will capture the perfect tone every time.


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Selling the story

Movie trailers are all about rhythm and timing. It's the art of getting the audience just curious enough without giving too much away. It's finding the right balance and standing out from the crowd to get peoples attention.

I've made many trailers, it's always fun, a great exercise and the perfect playground.

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Another perspective

A view from above can give your production that extra dimension and perspective you're looking for. These days there are plenty of options available, fitting every budget.

Claire Obscuur has experience in aerial shoots from different platforms: helicopters, microlights, hanggliders, drones, you name it, I've flown it!

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